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Our Bespoke Oak Frames

We are dedicated to making beautiful, high-quality oak structures. To find out more about our work, spend some time browsing our case studies below.

Oak Frames: Welcome

Oak Frame Case Studies

Pool House_edited.jpg
Sun Room Extension.jpg
Hot Tub Pergola.jpg
Outdoor Dining Room.jpg

Green oak stick frame two story structure with arch braced trusses

The Pool House

Charming green oak extension to a family home

Sun Room Extension

Really cool way to cover a hot tub

Hot Tub Pergola

This unique design combined outdoor setting under the cover and protection of glass.

Outdoor Dining Space

Oak Frames: Testimonials

The Pool House

Oak Frames: About

Case Study: The Pool House - Green oak structure with arch braced trusses.

This returning customer came back to us with a clear brief to make an attractive oak stick frame structure for a new two story building next to an outdoor pool. We took the brief and created concept design within his ideal budget. We worked closely with client and their architect to add in as much character and craftsmanship that will be visible in the finish building.

This frame was manufactured at our workshop and then erected onsite with the use of a crane over the course of a week onto foundations that were previously laid.  The stick frame was then infilled with soft wood and a soft wood roof was fitted above the oak frame, ensuring all of our oak work was visible.

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Sun Room Extension

IMG_7698 (1)_edited.jpg
IMG_7428 (1).HEIC
IMG_0027 (1).HEIC
IMG_0023 (1).HEIC
IMG_7445 (1).HEIC
IMG_7460 (1).HEIC
IMG_7512 (1).HEIC
IMG_7691 (2).HEIC
Oak Frames: About

Case Study: Sun Room - Glazed extension in green oak with bespoke joinery

These lovely clients wanted to add a sun room to the rear of their property, to spend more time outside with family and friends. They choose an oak frame to add character in the house they have lived in for more than 40 years. They wanted their extension to be light and airy and to be large enough to have all their family around the table on Christmas day. We listened to their requirements and worked with there budget, after a few design changes until agreed on this concept.

The extension was built in green oak off site then assembled on site onto a dwarf wall and foundations constructed by a 3rd party contractor.  We built up to the structural roof then a roofer fitted the roof finish (roofing slates), we then came back to face glaze the structure and fit the bespoke joinery we made in our joinery shop. 

Note from the customer "Dear Hugh & Craig, thank you for building this magnificent structure for us. Yesterday's work was the icing on the cake. Super Job!"

Oak Frames: About

Hot Tub Pergola

Hot Tub Pergola.jpg
Hot Tub Pergola 2.jpg
Hot Tub Pergola 3 .jpg
Hot Tub Pergola 4 .jpg
Hot Tub Pergola 5 .jpg
Hot Tub Corner Post.jpg
Hot Tub Pergola 6.jpg
Hot Tub Pergola 7 .jpg
Hot Tub Pergola 8 .jpg
Hot Tub Pergola 9 .jpg
Hot Tub Pergola 10.jpg
Oak Frames: About

Case Study: Hot tub pergola - Green oak garden structure.

We have worked with this delightful customer for a few years before they asked us to design a green oak structure to cover their new hot tub.  They asked us to make a roof that they will enjoy looking up at when in the hot tub.

Craig designed a twin hipped roof with two bosses.  The customer was delighted by the finish result.

Oak Frames: About

Outdoor Dining Space

Outdoor Dining Room 17
Outdoor Dining Room 7
Outdoor Dining Room 9
Outdoor Dining Room 6
Outdoor Dining Room 5
Outdoor Dining Room 14
Outdoor Dining Room 15
Outdoor Dining Room 12
Outdoor Dining Room 16
Outdoor Dining Room 8
Outdoor Dining Room 13
Oak Frames: About

Case Study: Outdoor Dining Space - Green oak with glazed roof and walls with large open areas to allow air movement.

This unique designed structure was designed to allow these customers to sit outside with friends undercover and protected from the elements while still allowing good air circulation.  

Oak Frames: About
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